Half a tin of condensed milk,  No-Bake Traybakes

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This traybake was new to me but as Little Miss Traybakes pointed out, it does have a lot of the same ingredients as Fifteens (this unprompted comment made me rather proud – a star baker in the making?!)

These are very sweet but also very delicious.  Coconutty, crunchy, filled with sticky marshmallows, and topped with sweet white chocolate, these are definitely not for anyone looking to reduce their sugar consumption!  But like most of my other bakes, I cut these into small squares.  Everything in moderation!

The recipe suggested sprinkling chopped nuts or flaked almonds over the top of the white chocolate but I chose to use glittery sprinkles instead.  Little Miss Traybakes is not a big fan of nuts (with the exception of peanuts) so I opted for sprinkles and got a huge thumbs up when she saw these!  By all means, use chopped nuts or almonds when you make these but I think I’ll use sprinkles again the next time as they add a nice pop of color.

The recipe also said to use pink and white marshmallows, but if you’ve read my Fifteens recipe, you’ll know that you mostly find white marshmallows here in the US and if you do find coloured marshmallows, they tend to be flavoured.  I think a mix of pink and white marshmallows would look better in this traybake, but purely from a taste perspective, all-white makes no difference.


4oz/110g butter

½ tin condensed milk (approx 200g)

4oz/110g desiccated coconut

8oz/225g Marie biscuits or Rich Tea (I used Goya brand Maria cookies here in the US)

6oz/170g marshmallows, chopped

8oz/225g white chocolate, to cover

sprinkles or chopped nuts or flaked almonds or whatever topping you prefer

1.  Place the butter, coconut and condensed milk in a small saucepan and cook gently until the butter has melted.  Set aside to cool.


2.  Crush the biscuits, leaving some slightly larger pieces for texture, mix with the chopped marshmallows (I used mini marshmallows and didn’t chop them) and stir in the cooled coconut mixture.

3.  Press into a traybake tin and leave to set.  This makes quite a thick layer, so I used my 9inch/23cm square tin this time.


4.  Spread with the melted white chocolate and top with chopped nuts or sprinkles.

5.  Cut into squares and enjoy!


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