This was another reader request.

I had never heard of Mallow Cushions before but this recipe had the right name and the ingredient list sounded the same and the end result was rather yummy!

But so sticky to work with.  Oh, so sticky!

The recipe said to use dark chocolate.  But I used milk chocolate because I’m a rebellious baker.  OK, so I’m not really.  I just prefer milk to dark and I’m the one doing the baking, so it’s my choice!

The recipe also only said to use ‘sweet biscuits’, so I used Marie biscuits. Digestives or Rich Tea (or Graham Crackers) would work here just as easily.  Use whatever is in your pantry, or whichever is your favourite.

Once set, these are soft but not squishy with a nice crunch from the cookies and sweetness from the raisins.  Definitely one to make again!


4oz/110g chocolate (dark or milk, your choice)

2oz/55g raisins

4oz/110g marshmallows

1 tbsp golden syrup (or use honey or maple syrup)

1oz/30g butter

4oz/110g broken sweet biscuits (cookies)


1.  Place the chocolate, butter, syrup and chopped marshmallows in a saucepan and melt slowly over a low heat, stirring frequently.  Warning – this starts out sticky and only gets stickier!

2.  When melted, add the raisins and the biscuits (try to keep some larger chunks of cookie when you’re crushing them) and mix well.  I also reserved a couple of chopped marshmallows and added them at this stage for a little extra texture.  Some of them melted with the heat of the chocolate mixture, but some remained and I liked the look of them in the finished traybake.

3.  Press the mixture into your tin (the recipe suggested a 7inch square tin).  This is very sticky and I used my fingers to press the mixture into the tin, which worked better than attempting to press it in with a spatula.


4.  Put into the fridge to set.  And that’s it!