• Lemon Cheesecake Bar on a plate
    Dessert,  No-Bake Traybakes

    No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake Bars

    No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake Bars. This is a proper, old-school, retro recipe. It’s made with cream cheese, evaporated milk and lemon jelly (or jello, for my US readers). With some fresh lemon zest and juice for an additional citrus zing. But,…

  • Cake

    Lemon Butter Cake

    This is a very easy cake to bake.  It’s tangy and moist and you can throw it together very quickly.  Not literally.  Don’t throw cakes.  It’s a waste of cake. This was a recipe in one of my ‘retro’ Northern Irish traybake…

  • Traybakes

    Cornflake Squares

    I am on a roll with the ‘firsts’ for the blog. This Cornflake Squares recipe was my first ‘try to find the traybake someone remembered their mum making’. I received a message via Facebook (thank you to all my Facebook followers!)…

  • an icing topped lemon square on a blue plate
    Half a tin of condensed milk,  No-Bake Traybakes

    Iced Lemon Squares

    There are several variations of this recipe for Iced Lemon Squares out there. Some have coconut, some use a different brand of biscuit, some use orange instead of lemon. But the basic principle is the same. Crushed biscuits, coconut, condensed…