• Base layer of cake topped with an oat, coconut and cherry layer

    Crunchy Topped Squares

    Now, there are probably many traybakes that could be classed as Crunchy Topped Squares, but this one is actually called that. It’s a simple sponge cake layer on the bottom with a crunchy, almost flapjack-like layer spread on top. As…

  • date slice on a plate

    Date Slices

    Dates are a firm favourite in the Traybakes’ household and there is usually a packet of Medjool dates in the fridge for on-the-go sweet snacking. I’ve already got one date traybake recipe in the archives and there are several more…

  • Biscuits/cookies

    Flakemeal Biscuits

    Flakemeal Biscuits, Oatmeal Cookies – whatever you choose to call these – they are a simple, crunchy, tasty biscuit. While their traditional name in Northern Ireland is Flakemeal Biscuits, I ended up calling them Oatmeal Cookies when Little Miss Traybakes…

  • Biscuits/cookies

    Canadian Cookies

    These are possibly the nicest, most polite cookies you’ve ever met.  And they love ice hockey.  And maple syrup.  Or perhaps they’re called Canadian Cookies for some other reason… Probably, someone’s Aunt/Granny/neighbour got this recipe from a relative in Canada and…

  • Biscuits/cookies

    Gipsy Creams

    After some extensive brief internet research, I discovered that McVities’ Gipsy Creams were discontinued at least 10 years ago, so I can’t do a side by side comparison to see if this recipe is supposed to be a copy or if it’s…

  • A stack of honey flapjacks beside a pot of honey

    Honey Flapjacks

    Just four ingredients in this recipe for Honey Flapjacks. Four. And it was so easy to make. And it has porridge oats in it, so it’s practically a health food. If the other three ingredients weren’t there, I suppose. Just…