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    Blarney Crumbles

    Blarney Crumbles. This was a new traybake for me. And even an internet search hasn’t managed to shed any light on where these come from or the origins of the name. But I can tell you that these Blarney Crumbles…

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    Crunchy Chocolate Cakes

    Crunchy Chocolate Cakes. Or rather, Crunchy Chocolate Traybake. It’s a simple chocolate cake mix, sandwiched together by a crunchy, nutty layer. Fairly quick and easy to make, it’s a simple traybake. I used hazelnuts for my traybake as I think…

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    Ginger Iced Oatcake

    This Ginger Iced Oatcake is, essentially, a ginger flapjack. The base is sweet and sticky and remains a little soft, so it’s best stored in the fridge. Especially if it’s warm in your kitchen. The topping is a soft, gingery…

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    Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies

    This Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies recipe was in one of my old recipe books. Although it was called a ‘gateau’ and was sliced in half and sandwiched together with fresh cream. With more cream on the top. I looked at the…

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    Date Fingers

    These Date Fingers are yet another addition to the ever-growing range of date-based traybakes that are on my blog. And at first, I was a little concerned about the inclusion of lemon curd. I really wasn’t sure how that was…

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    Aunt Edna’s Fruit Slices

    I don’t have an Aunt Edna. I don’t know if this recipe comes from someone’s actual Aunt Edna. What I do know, is that this recipe for Aunt Edna’s Fruit Slices is yet another simple and straightforward traybake that tastes…

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    Walnut Bars

    Walnut Bars. This was a new recipe for me, although once I had cut it into squares it did look familiar. Maybe I have come across it in the past. Or maybe it’s just that the cherries/marshmallow/nuts/digestives combination is a…

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    Spiced Apple and Cranberry Bars

    Autumn is here and my thoughts turn to apple picking and then to baking something with all the apples we pick. And these Spiced Apple and Cranberry Bars are the perfect traybake for the season. Stewed apples and cranberries with…

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    Mandarin Creams

    I don’t remember eating these Mandarin Creams as a child, but there are some handwritten notes by Mummy Traybakes on the recipe, so maybe my memory is failing me! It’s a simple digestive biscuit base, topped with a creamy, marshmallow…

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    Jelly Squares

    I’ve also seen this Jelly Squares recipe referred to as Marshmallow Fingers, which makes sense as the topping is pretty much just a simplified marshmallow recipe. Shortbread base, marshmallowy topping and coconut. Really simple and very tasty.