What is a traybake?

“What is a traybake?” I hear you ask.

Traybakes are a traditional Northern Irish sweet bite.  Somewhat confusingly, they don’t have to be baked or even made in a tray or tin.  Best served with a cup of tea (milk, no sugar for me please) they are often made using crushed biscuits (cookies), condensed milk, coconut, chocolate, dried fruit or breakfast cereal.

Traybakes are usually simple and straightforward to make and are a great way to start baking with your children.

The recipes on this blog will mostly be for traybakes, but as the site is called ‘traybakes & more’, there may be recipes for brownies or cookies or breads depending on what I’m baking that week.

Disclaimer: these recipes may not be the same as what your Mummy/Granny/Auntie makes (there possibly is no definitive traybake recipe for some of these bakes) and I may not always be able to get exactly the same ingredients here in the US, so any complaints along those lines will be politely ignored…

And if you have a favourite traybake recipe you would like to see featured on the blog, send it to me and I might just make it.