We had our first flurries of snow in the week before Thanksgiving this year. When I’m clearing several inches (hopefully not feet!) of snow off our driveway later in the winter, I shall try to remember the look of sheer joy on Little Miss Traybakes’ face when she saw the sprinkling of flakes outside.  It won’t make the snow shoveling any easier but I’m hoping it’ll make me smile!

It’s not the earliest I’ve ever seen snow over here and there certainly wasn’t enough to make even the smallest of snowballs, so I’ve been making snowballs in the kitchen instead.

And yes, this is another easy recipe.  And it’s no-bake.  And they freeze nicely as well.

I have made these with regular sized marshmallows and with mini-marshmallows and I have to say, the regular marshmallows work much better here.  The mini-marshmallows made for a smaller, cuter, truffle-sized snowball but there wasn’t enough marshmallow for me.

I also tried to make these with marshmallow fluff.  Now, these were a definite winner in terms of taste, but the fluff is far too tricky to work with for this to be successful!  I tried freezing fluff in a silicon ice cube tray and even though I had coated the trays in oil first, it was very difficult to remove the fluff.  And then, if the fluff wasn’t completely encased in the crumbs, it started to leak through any cracks in the outside.  If I ever find a better method for making these with fluff, I will update the recipe!

Snowballs with fluff

Made with fluff. Tasty, but almost impossible to work with!

I have also made these with both drinking chocolate and cocoa powder.  The cocoa makes for a darker chocolate taste, drinking chocolate is sweeter.  I’ll leave it up to you to choose whichever option you’d prefer.


2oz/50g desiccated coconut

2oz/50g drinking chocolate (or cocoa powder)

2oz/50g butter (or even try coconut oil)

½ tin condensed milk, approx. 200g

14 digestive biscuits/graham crackers, approx. 200g, crushed

1 packet of marshmallows (you won’t need them all)

fine coconut to coat the snowballs

1.  Melt the butter and mix with the crushed digestives, drinking chocolate, coconut and condensed milk.


2.  Use this mixture to cover a marshmallow, rolling each into a neat round ball.  If your hands are damp while you do this, it makes things a lot easier.  Also try not to have too much biscuit mixture around the outside – you really want a much greater ratio of marshmallow to biscuit mix!


3.  Toss the covered marshmallows in coconut to cover and place in the fridge to set.  And Enjoy!