• Traybakes

    Aunt Edna’s Fruit Slices

    I don’t have an Aunt Edna. I don’t know if this recipe comes from someone’s actual Aunt Edna. What I do know, is that this recipe for Aunt Edna’s Fruit Slices is yet another simple and straightforward traybake that tastes…

  • Chocolate covered date and Rice Krispie bars
    No-Bake Traybakes

    No-Bake Chocolate Date Krispies

    In need of a really simple, quick, no-bake traybake? Then these No-Bake Chocolate Date Krispies definitely fit the bill. Yes, you have to wait for the chocolate to set, but because it all comes together so easily, you can have…

  • Stacked squares of Date and Ginger Slab traybake
    Cake,  Traybakes

    Date and Ginger Slab

    Date and Ginger Slab. It’s a dark, sticky, sweet, cake-like traybake. A little like a gingerbread but not as heavily spiced. And very dark and sticky from all the treacle. I have a recipe for Ginger Cake on the blog…

  • Breads/scones

    Date and Wheaten Scones

    Date and Wheaten Scones are probably my favorite. While a fresh-out-of-the-oven Plain Scone has it’s place (especially if you can get proper clotted cream to go with it) and I do also like Treacle Scones, Date and Wheaten scones will…

  • Breads/scones

    Date and Orange Bread

    Is it a bread? Is it a cake? Either way, this simple Date and Orange Bread is soft, crumbly and sweet. This time it doesn’t come from one of my many retro recipe books, it’s from a small newspaper clipping…

  • No-Bake Traybakes

    No-Bake Date Rolls

    You might be thinking these look a little bit like Fifteens. Before you cut into it anyway. These No-Bake Date Rolls are made in a similar log shape, are coated with coconut, and are just as easy to make. With an…

  • date slice on a plate

    Date Slices

    Dates are a firm favourite in the Traybakes’ household and there is usually a packet of Medjool dates in the fridge for on-the-go sweet snacking. I’ve already got one date traybake recipe in the archives and there are several more…

  • No-Bake Traybakes

    Date and Ginger Crunchies

    I already posted one of my favorite childhood traybake recipes using Rice Krispies here (other puffed rice cereals are available!) and, of course, there is always the Mars Bar Traybake. And now this Date and Ginger Crunchies recipe is another option…

  • Traybakes

    Chinese Chews

    This Chinese Chews traybake is another very simple, easy-to-bake traybake. The addition of nuts and dates provides crunch and chewiness. There is a hint of almond extract and that’s about it, really. Like I said, a nice straightforward recipe. My…