• Cake

    Easy Chocolate Loaf Cake

    I am very much in favor of easy baking. And I love the simplicity of a loaf cake. There’s no fancy decorating required, you don’t need to make sure your layers are even and in the case of this Easy…

  • Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and walnuts

    Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

    I like to keep things as simple as possible here on ‘traybakes & more’. So, this Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting fits the bill! You don’t need a mixer, you only need one bowl. OK, so you need a…

  • Stacked squares of Date and Ginger Slab traybake
    Cake,  Traybakes

    Date and Ginger Slab

    Date and Ginger Slab. It’s a dark, sticky, sweet, cake-like traybake. A little like a gingerbread but not as heavily spiced. And very dark and sticky from all the treacle. I have a recipe for Ginger Cake on the blog…

  • Plain, sweet, scone-like cakes topped with pearl sugar
    Breads/scones,  Cake

    Paris Buns

    Paris Buns. It’s not a cake. Not a scone. It’s something in-between. Best eaten fresh from the oven with a cup of tea. I’d also recommend eating these on the day you bake them, as they don’t keep that well.…

  • Coffee and walnut loaf cake

    Coffee and Walnut Loaf Cake

    Straying from my no-bake traybake territory this week with an easy Coffee and Walnut Loaf Cake. This cake is soft and moist in the center, filled with walnuts and smothered with a coffee flavored buttercream. If you can get hold…

  • Cake

    Queen Cakes

    Queen Cakes are a simple, straightforward bake. Essentially a fairy cake/wee bun with dried fruit. Traditionally, you would use currants, but if you’re not a fan of (like me!) then use raisins or sultanas. And yes, you can use chocolate…

  • Cake

    Yogurt Cake

    I have fond memories of making this Yogurt Cake as a child. In fact, the old recipe I found for this in the kitchen cabinet at Mummy Traybakes’ house was handwritten (very carefully) in my writing. It’s a great cake…

  • Cake

    Ginger Cake

    The festive season is well and truly upon us here at Traybakes HQ. The tree is up and covered in an array of ornaments, bought and homemade. And there are even a few presents underneath. Little Miss Traybakes has been…

  • Cake

    Lemon Butter Cake

    This Lemon Butter Cake is, quite simply, one of the easiest cakes I make. It’s tangy and moist and so straightforward to prepare. You don’t need a special stand mixer or hand mixer. You can mix this in your bowl with…