No-Bake Traybakes

Chocolate Coffee Slice

January, the month of diets, healthy eating and Chocolate Coffee Slice traybakes?! I’ve never been a great believer in detoxing or fad diets. As long as I’m eating relatively healthy, mostly homemade food, then the occasional traybake or slice of cake isn’t a problem. And if you’re looking for something simple, that you can rustle up from ingredients that you probably have in your larder and fridge, then this is the no-bake traybake for you.

For this bake, you make a simple enriched buttercream and layer it up with the cookie or biscuit of your choice. My original recipe used Morning Coffee biscuits, but even my relatively well-stocked imported goods convenience store (where I can buy Tayto crisps!) doesn’t stock those, so I went with Biscoff cookies instead, which I can buy from my regular US supermarket. I think the main criteria here is that your biscuits should be square or rectangular, so they fit nicely into the corners of the tin and make for neater slices.

Once it’s assembled, you just leave it to set (in the fridge if you prefer) and then cut it into squares or slices. There’s not a strong taste of coffee from this and if you don’t like coffee, feel free to leave it out. I was also running out of drinking chocolate the day I made this, so I had to supplement with a little cocoa powder, which works perfectly well and added even more chocolatey flavor!


7oz/200g/1 stick + 6tbsp butter

9oz/255g/2¼ cups icing sugar (powdered sugar)

3oz/85g/¾ cup drinking chocolate

1 tbsp Camp coffee essence

1 packet Morning Coffee biscuits or Biscoff cookies

1 egg yolk

3 tsp cream or milk


1. Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the sugar and drinking chocolate.

2. Then add the egg yolk, cream or milk and coffee essence and cook for 1 minute, stirring all the time.

3. Line your traybake tin with parchment paper. Spread the bottom with a layer of buttercream. Arrange a layer of biscuits on top and repeat, finishing with a topping of the chocolate cream. In the end, I had three layers of buttercream and two of cookies.

4. Leave to set and then cut into slices. Enjoy!

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  • Caroline

    Re: Chocolate Coffee Slice (No Bake)

    Can this biscuit cake be frozen and defrosted for consumption at later date?

    Many thanks.

    Plymouth, UK

    • CJ

      You could just leave out the coffee and have a chocolate slice? I’d probably add a splash of vanilla instead. Or you could add some orange zest and a little juice?