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Chocolate Ginger Traybake

It was time for another no-bake traybake and this Chocolate Ginger Traybake is an easy one. And it doesn’t need flour or eggs! It’s a double-ginger, chocolatey slice, topped with yet more chocolate.

The base has both ginger snap biscuits and crystallized ginger in it for an additional spicy, sugary kick. And the condensed milk makes the base gooey and squidgy. The base is a little on the soft side if you leave it sitting out, so these might be best kept in the fridge, especially if your kitchen is particularly warm.

And if you are a ginger fan, there are plenty more ginger traybakes in previous posts: Ginger Slice Traybake, Date and Ginger Crunchies, Ginger Shortcake and, of course, Ginger Cake.


4oz/110g butter

4oz/110g dark chocolate

7oz/200g condensed milk (about half a can)

2oz/50g chopped, crystallized ginger

8oz/225g crushed ginger snaps

6-8oz/175-225g melted chocolate, to cover


  1. Place the ginger snaps in a food processor and blitz until you have fine crumbs. Add the chopped ginger for the final few pulses, so the two are well incorporated.
  2. Melt the butter, chocolate and condensed milk in a pan over a low heat or in a microwave.
  3. Fold the ginger and ginger snaps into the melted mixture.
  4. Spread into a lined traybake tin. I used my 8″x8″ (20cm) tin.
  5. Cover with melted chocolate and place in the fridge to set.
  6. Slice into squares and enjoy!

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