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Mint Aero Traybake

Amazingly, my little blog is now over a year old!  Belated Birthday Greetings to the blog and a huge thank you to everyone out there who has liked, read, commented and (most importantly) baked this past year.  To celebrate, here’s another classic traybake – the Mint Aero Square/Slice/Traybake!

Living in the US means that we often miss things from home.  Family and friends – obviously – but also food.  Maybe it’s just because of living where we do near Boston or maybe there are UK and Irish imported goods everywhere in the US, but we can get hold of many of the (mostly snack) items that, every now and again, we want to eat.

(If you’re interested, that’s Cadbury’s Golden Crisp for me, Fruit Pastilles and Twiglets for Mr Traybakes and Little Miss Traybakes is happy with just about anything, although is partial to Dolly Mixtures and Tayto Onion Rings!)

And then there is the Aero bar.  Not only can I get these in my make-a-special-trip-for-it convenience store, where I get Tayto crisps and wheaten bread flour, but I can also get them in my local US supermarket in the ‘International’ food aisle.  Which means that making Mint Aero Traybakes is very easy (although perhaps a little more expensive than it would be back home!)

And this is yet another easy traybake.  No baking involved.  Just some melting and crushing and chopping and mixing.  I topped mine with white chocolate for a nice contrast with the base, but milk chocolate would work just as well here, if that’s what you prefer.

The resulting traybake is minty and sweet and has a soft base with just a little crunch from the larger biscuit chunks.  Yum!


4 mint Aero bars (mine were 36g each)

½ tin/7oz/200g condensed milk

4oz/110g butter

4 tbsp drinking chocolate

8oz/225g crushed digestive biscuits or graham crackers

8oz/225g white chocolate, to cover

1.  Place the butter, drinking chocolate, condensed milk and 1 of the Aero bars in a a small saucepan and melt over a gentle heat.  Leave to cool a little.

2.  Crush the biscuits, trying to leave a few larger lumps for texture.  Chop 2 of the Aero bars into small pieces.

3.  Pour the cooled buttery, chocolatey mixture over the biscuits and chopped Aero and mix well.  Press into your traybake tin and set aside or refrigerate until set.

4.  Melt the white chocolate in a small bowl over a pan of simmering water and then spread over the base.  Top with the final, chopped, Aero bar.

5.  Leave to set, cut into squares and enjoy!

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  1. These look really good, anything chocolate and mint I fine hard to resist.

  2. Made this today, Absolutely delicious. So easy to put together. First Class

  3. Sometimes find it hard to cut out tray bakes,any tips?


    • CJ

      June 7, 2018 at 8:55 am

      I always line my tin, which makes them easy to remove to start with. Then I use a very sharp, long knife. Sometimes, especially if it’s a chocolate topped traybake, I’ll warm the knife first by running it under boiling water, dry it, and then cut through the traybakes. And if they’ve been in the fridge, I try to let them come to room temperature before cutting. Hope that helps! Mine frequently don’t look as ‘perfect’ as I’d like them to!

  4. Can you freeze these traybakes?

  5. I’ve made the aero ones which look brilliant (yet to taste!) but have half a tin of condensed milk left. To save waste, could I make this using alternative choc (e.g. crunchie)?

    • CJ

      May 24, 2020 at 8:16 am

      I’ve never tried it with Crunchie, but that should work and would be delicious! I also have a few other ‘half a tin’ of condensed milk recipes on the blog eg the Marshmallow Fudge Traybake.

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