I recently made Rice Krispie Treats with Little Miss Traybakes using the recipe we found on the cereal box but they weren’t quite the same as the ones I remember Mummy Traybakes making when I was younger. Then I remembered that the traybake from my childhood was made with Highland Toffee to give it extra chewiness. So when I found a recipe containing toffee in one of my retro recipe books, I knew I had to try to recreate that memory.

Unfortunately, they don’t sell Highland Toffee here in the US. I’m not even sure they still sell it back home. And even plain toffee seems hard to find over here. I did find some chocolate covered toffees and while I’m sure that would make a delicious traybake, I was aiming for the classic here. So, I used hard caramel candies (Werther’s Originals, to be precise) and they worked well.

This was another recipe with a vague ingredient list.  It called for “1 small packet of Rice Krispies” – is that one of those mini variety packs or the smallest size of the normal packets?!  It also just said “2 bars of toffee” – now, your idea of a bar of toffee may well be much larger than mine, how am I supposed to know?!

Using some educated guesswork, I arrived at a recipe that worked for me. Hold on, no guesswork. I’m an experienced traybake baker, so I obviously was able to work out the appropriate quantities for the recipe!

And this is another very sticky one, so you definitely want to either line your tin or grease it thoroughly.

Warning:  this will stick to your teeth. Your dentist will not appreciate this traybake!


4oz/110g Rice Krispies (other puffed rice cereals are available)

4oz/110g toffee (I used Werther’s Originals)

4oz/110g butter

4oz/110g marshmallows


1.  Break the toffee into small pieces (I put mine in a freezer bag and bashed at it with a rolling pin), place in a large saucepan with the butter and marshmallows and melt over a low heat. The toffee will try to weld itself to the bottom of your pan, so keep stirring. It will also try to clump together, but stick with it, it takes a bit of time for the last of the toffee to melt and be incorporated but it gets there in the end.

2.  Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the Rice Krispies until they are all well coated in the sticky, sticky mixture.

3.  Press into your greased or lined tin and set aside or place in the fridge to cool. Then get your saucepan into the sink to soak asap! I used my 9inch/23cm square tin this time.

4.  Cut into (sticky) squares and have flashbacks to your childhood birthday parties! Or maybe that’s just me…

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